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Give your fencing career the best start

For all kids aged 7 - 12

Wednesday 5.30pm - 7.30pm at Altwood School, main hall

Friday 6.00pm - 8.00pm at Singh Sabha Sports Centre, Slough

Saturday 10am - 12pm at Altwood School, main hall


We want our fencers to be athletes, before anything else. This is why our beginners course does not focus only on fencing, but pays attention to strength and conditioning and general workout routines.


We believe children need time to get used to a new sport and feeling safe while fighting is fundamental. The course always starts with plastic weapons and will build in them the confidence needed to move to the next stage, fencing with real epees and foils.


We know well that children learn best when they are having fun. This is why at Luso we create an happy environment where children can feel safe and are eager to learn. We value games as tools for teaching the basics of the sport and as ways to create a strong sense of unity and friendship between teammates.


What to expect from our courses, their prices and duration

Image by Charles Deluvio
Fencer with Protective Mask

6 weeks of fencing and fun

The beginners' course runs for six weeks and its goal is to teach fencers the basics of foil. During the course children will have a chance to work on their general fitness through games and then to learn how to stand on guard, how to hit targets and they will have their first matches and group lessons, all done with plastic equipment.
Towards the end of the course, children will be introduce to metal foils in one to one lessons with our professional coaches.

At the end of the csix weeks, fencers will get an award to attest the completion of the beginners' course.


This course costs £120 and must be paid upfront. At the end of it, children and families can choose if they want to move on and become full members of the club.

The pathway to become a competitive athlete

The beginners' course aims to give all children solid fundamentals to build on. Through games we work on skills such as balance and hand eye coordination that are useful in life, not only in fencing. We want to create athletes, before fencers.

The first year after the end of the beginners' course will see children working in stages, with an assessment at the end of each stage where they will be rewarded with a coloured sword certificate: bronze, silver and gold.

The three stages are also useful for families to spread the cost of the fencing kit. At the beginning of each stage, in fact, we will ask families to buy a couple of items from the fencing kit list, while the rest will still be provided by us. With a full set ready after the gold stage, children will be ready for their first competition, always supported by our professional coaches.


For everyone aged 12+

Monday 7.30pm - 9.30pm at Altwood School, main hall
Wednesday: 7.30pm - 9.30pm at Altwood School, main hall

At Luso we believe fencing is for all ages. We run beginners' course for everyone aged 12+ at the start of each half term, in September, November, January, March and May. They are open to everyone aged 12+.

The course lasts six weeks and it is aimed to bring you on the fencing piste as quickly as possible. After all that is the funniest part! During the course you will learn how to stand on guard, move and hit, plus a couple of defensive and offensive moves. The club will give you all you need to fence, so just come and have fun in a nice, relax environment.

The entire course costs £65, to be paid up front. At the end of it you can choose if you want to move on and become a member of our club. If so, we will ask you to buy at least a mask, a glove and a pair of breeches, the rest of the equipment can be hired from us. Our coaches will guide you in the purchase so that you will have the best products at a fair price.

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