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Monday: 7pm - 9.30pm (ages 12+), foil and epee

Wednesday: 5.30pm - 7.30pm (ages 7 - 12), epee
Wednesday: 7.00pm - 9.30pm (ages 12+), epee and foil 

Saturday: 10am - 12pm (ages 7 - 12), epee
Saturday: 10am - 12pm (ages 12+), epee

Strength and conditioning

The first hour on Wednesday and Saturday for everyone aged 12+ is dedicated to strength and conditioning, working together with our personal trainer.
During this hour, our coaches will also give one to one lesson to all competitive fencers.

U12s will do 30 minutes of strength and conditioning on Saturday morning, always with our personal trainer.

Challenging environment

At Luso we are open to challenges and we always aim for the best performance. During our sessions children and adults alike can find a challenge for their skill level.

Fencers should expect coaches to invite them to competitions they believe are suitable to the current fencers' skills level.

International links

Luso's fencers proudly compete both at national and international level.

Our fencers have represented England and Great Britain in different European competitions and our coaches are always looking for international challenges for our fencers. These may be summer or winter camps, competitions or just exchanges with other European clubs.



A dedicated day for every need

All our sessions have a specific focus fencers should work on.
On Monday, fencers are encouraged to do as many matches as possible during the two hours session. Coaches supervise and correct fencers between or during matches, like in a competition.

Wednesday is the dedicated day for footwork and one to ones. Coaches call fencers for one to one lesson, while the rest work on footwork and themed matches.
Saturday is instead focused on bladework, so fencers will spar and work on specific actions, under the supervision on one coach. The rest of the coaching team gives one to one lesson.

One to one lesson, road to success

The club aims to give every fencer at least one lesson each month, but priority is given to fencers who have an upcoming competition.
These lessons are a great way to rapidly improve and to work on specific aspects of the sport. Our coaches are available for extra one to one outside the usual club's hours. If you are interested, please email us.

Fencers in Combat
Fencing at School

One hour of dedicated personal training

The first hour every Wednesday and Saturday is dedicated to strength and conditioning together with our professional personal trainer. We aim to create athletes before fencers as we strongly believe that a good level of fitness is important for life outside the fencing piste.
Even the U12s work 30 minutes on Saturday with our personal trainer in order to get ready for bigger challenges.

All fencers are required to get their own mat, skipping rope and tennis ball.

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