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Luso International Fencing was born during the summer 2020, but its story actually starts in 2014.

Portugese Coach Carina Vicente founded Luso Fencing Academy in March 2014 and in September of the same year the club was already involved with many schools and it was already delivering 3 weekly sessions in two different towns. Soon helped by coach James Roberts, Carina started new sessions in the Sunningdale area and other schools joined. At this point the club had already one national medallist and many local and regional champions.

In late 2017 Carina moved back to Portugal leaving the fencers to James Roberts and the Italian Lorenzo Buonfiglio who coached for Luso during the 2017/2018 season. Together they brought another national medallist in the club, plus many local and regional medals. At the end of the season Lorenzo moved back to Italy and in November 2018 another Italian coach, Antonio Frulio, joined the club.

Since then James and Antonio helped the fencers to win two more national medals and many local and regional ones. With Antonio the club decided to open even more to international events sending fencers to a competition and a summer camp in Italy.

During the global crisis of 2020, Carina asked James and Antonio to run the club and to mark that important moment they decided for a change of name, thus starting a new adventure called Luso International Fencing.

Luso International Fencing will always be grateful to coaches Carina and Lorenzo. Without Carina the club would not exist and without Lorenzo fencers would not have that competitive hunger that drives us.

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