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A perfect way to improve your skills while having lots of fun

Fencer with Mask

Half term camps

The keenest fencers always look forward to half term because that means more fencing!
We at Luso know that well and this is why we run half term camps. Every morning during most half terms, from Monday to Thursday, we offer training sessions for beginners and more competitive fencers.
With a mix of games, general and specific conditioning, one to one lesson, free fencing and a full competition simulation, our camps are the best way to improve in a short time period.

International summer camp

At Luso we fear no opponents. Every summer we partner with our European friends and we run a weeklong residential camp together.
Summer camps are the best chance for our fencers to get together and make new friends from all over Europe while moving their skills to the next level.

The 2022 camp has been hosted by Circolo della Spada Mangiarotti (Milan). In the beautiful location of Predazzo (Italy), our fencers joined two Italian clubs, Mangiarotti and Desio, for a week packed with training, fencing and fun.

The 2023 camp will be hosted by Luso here in England, location still to be confirmed.

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