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Taster sessions are available for everyone aged 7+

All the equipment is provided by us.


GBR and England teams selections

Congratulations to Isabella Pucci and Henry Gregory! Isa has been selected to represent the GBR cadet team in Budapest, Klagenfurt and Grenoble. Henry is instead part of the U14 England team for 2022. A great achivement for them and Luso.

Foil extra training session

Every month we host an extra training session for all foilists aged 7 to 12. The venue, Windsor Leisure Centre, is not far away and it has all the facilities fencers need. It is a great opportunity for children who do fencing at school to try metal fencing with real scoring machine and to receive one to one lessons with our professional coaches. Contact us to know more about our extra session.

Epee mixed teams event

Aimed at beginners and novices, Luso mixed teams events runs every month at the Windsor Leisure Centre, from 09am to 2pm. It is a great opportunity for fencers to fight people from other clubs in a friendly environment without the pressure of a regular competition. If you want to know more, contact us.

U12 beginners' course

Our next U12 beginners' course will start on Wednedsay 2nd of November. It runs every Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning and we provide all the equipment needed. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more.

Start fencing today

If you are aged 12+ we have the perfect beginners' course for you. Every Wednesday evening, from 7 to 9, and you can start whenever is more convenient for you. We provide all the equipment you need and in just six weeks you will master the basics of our fantastic sport. Contact us to learn more.

Fencing Pose


If you want to become a fencer and train in an International environment, look no further.
Luso International Fencing is the right choice if you want to learn the noble art of sword fighting and compete both at National and International levels. Our coaches are professionals and they will guide you on the path to become a great athlete and a superb fencer.

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