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This is our first event of the season. A couple of weeks before Christmas holidays we love to spend few hours together having fun and talking with fencers and families.
Winter Party is not just talking and eating though, but it is also the chance to introduce the new class of beginners to the rest of the club. In fact during the party coaches and captains will give the Bronze Sword to all the beginners who have completed their course and are now moving to the next stage of their fencing career.


This is the event that marks the end of our fencing season. Usually at the end of June, we meet for an afternoon of fun and good food. Coaches talk about the previous season and present all the results fencers have achieved. Prizes are given to fencers who are the best in different categories and new captains are chosen.

First Prize Badge

You can find all the categories for the End of the Season Presentation in the Hall of Fame section.

Luso is a welcoming and friendly club. James and Antonio each bring something different to the sessions and spirit of the club whilst working together as a well organised team.
The coaches have nurtured and encouraged my daughter from being a complete beginner through to an experienced competitor and developed a love of the sport in her. They communicate with her high expectations of what she can achieve, whilst still focussing on keeping it fun and enjoying what she is doing.

Kate & Grant

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